Irma Took Our Power…

And our entire front porch!!! Ok, so I am so sorry that I haven't been able to respond to anyone or post anything for about a week but we had a lovely vist from a dear friend named Irma. I'm afraid she has kind of occupied our time and resources so we will get back... Continue Reading →

The Garden Is Started

Finally! We "broke ground" on our vegetable garden! My wonderful husband helped with some of the heavy lifting and digging and we got about halfway done with the garden border. I am trying to give it a natural raised bed look so we pulled logs and branches out from the woods around our house and... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Beginnings

I know I'm a little late on this post BUT I do have some pretty legitimate excuses... you know, a wedding and a move plus trying to get my first year of homeschooling going... my head is spinning to say the least. I don't have a good schedule set up yet, I have dabbled with... Continue Reading →

Science/Nature Class

Let me just say, I love the science class I signed the girls up for. The instructor encouraged them to dig through muck and find living things 😀 The look on the kids' faces was simply priceless and it was actually interesting to see how many kids refused to get dirty! Even my girls were... Continue Reading →

Tryin’ Out My Southern Side

Ok, so this is normally how dinner happens at our house: Looking on Pinterest for an hour for a new recipe. Finding a recipe I want to try. Realizing I don't have the ingredients. Panicking because now I have two girls trailing being me wailing about how hungry they are and I've just wasted all... Continue Reading →

Crystal Trees

Last evening we grew some crystal trees. We put the powder in some water, poured it into a dish, and placed the tip-colored paper trees into the dish. Seeing the girls marvel while they watch the water get sucked up the paper (yes, very scientific terms, I know) was so amazing as a parent. When... Continue Reading →

Music/Drama Class

Through our local homeschooling co-op, I signed the girls up for a music and drama class not really knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of the teachers! Izzy was scared of the audition and Bianca was originally not even signed up because I was worried about the length of the... Continue Reading →

Grace Before Dinner

So, right before dinner, as we sat with some papers on the table I hadn't cleared from the girls doing crafts and a stuffed animal hanging out on its side, Bianca decided to add to our normal grace. We had just had a conversation about how Jesus died on the cross for us and she... Continue Reading →

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